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Importing from China and looking for a freight forwarding broker?

Envia provide professional assistance and support to individuals and businesses importing from China into Australia and looking for a freight forwarding broker. Simply purchase one of our support package to gain access to professional telephone support and advice relating specifically to your importing needs. We provide advice on shipping terms, dealing with freighting companies and making sure your shipment arrives on-time and on budget. Every support package comes with our Envia Handbook which covers Shipping Terms, Negotiations, Australian Customs Charges, Freight, Shipping and more.

Helping importers & exporters solve the supply chain puzzle

  • We will find you the answers
  • Accurate freight & insurance quotes
  • Trust & reliability
  • Guaranteed services & rates
  • Privileged access to leading freight forwarders
  • Australian owned & operated
  • Peace of mind
  • No purchase orders or contracts required
  • Save money and time
  • Do it right first time!

Save time & money today!

Australian owned and operated, Envia is dedicated to helping, educate and improve those first time and new importers and exporters. Envia is also well positioned to assist small to medium sized businesses looking to improve their supply chain or staff knowledge towards international buying, selling and freighting.

Importers / Exporters Support & Advice Packages

Importers & Exporters Handbook

Envia Importers Exporters Handbook


If you’re confident in dealing with freighting companies yourself and simply need a comprehensive guide to freighting terms when it comes to buying & selling this PDF book is for you! This book will give you an in depth view on all that is required by you, your supplier and your freight forwarder.

The Envia Importers & Exporters Handbook has been designed specifically to assist those small to medium sized businesses looking to improve their supply chain or staff knowledge towards international buying, selling and freighting.


  • New importers & exporters guide. P3-5
  • INCO terms or international buying & selling terms. P6-9
  • China supplier negotiations. P10-11
  • Common terms used in the import & export process. P12-13
  • Australian customs charges. P14
  • Overseas & offshore treatments & providers list. P15-16
  • Envia freight analysis. P17-18
  • Accounts & transport terms. P19-20
  • Things to consider when working on indicative costings. P21
  • How airfreight is cubed out on both import & export. P22
  • Summary when considering costing your product. P23.

3PL Audit / Consultancy

Envia 3PL Import Export Advice

Envia can offer full or part appraisals, depending on your individual needs. We will assist your business growth by providing the foundations for continuous business improvement. As a specialty consultancy, Envia focuses on implementation of solutions and knowledge so your business is ready for the challenges and constraints that companies face in both international and domestic Supply Chain Management and Total Logistics Planning.

Envia Testimonials
We moved from buying local to importing and developing our own brand, thanks to Matt & Envia we are now importing 2 containers a month years ahead of schedule.


Victor | Bremtec Brakes Sales Director

I had the market and the supplier and thanks to Matt & Envia I now have a very reputable and competitive freight company doing all the work for me.


Boris | BVM Imports Business Owner

Thanks to Envia my ideas are now an importing business, when you are as small as me you need to know the basics in order to survive.


Rebecca | Little Makes Big Business Owner

I overtook the international buying position in this company, thanks to Envia I can now deal with me overseas suppliers and our freight forwarder with confidence


Sue | Kingswim Purchasing Officer

My very unique product needed to be made in China imported then exported, to understand the process and my obligations were critical to my success.


Alilison | Albac Enterprises Business Owner

I was scammed once then found Envia, don’t make the same mistake I did, it hurts.


Jade Hewat | Hewat’s Marine’s Business Owner

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