Envia international buying and freighting

Envia internation buying and freighting help new importers & exporters solve the supply chain puzzle providing education on international buying, selling, freighting & customs duty.

About Us

Helping importers & exporters solve the supply chain puzzle


Understand The Process

By understanding the basic process of of international buying and freighting you allow your business a higher chance of success by eliminating the gamble factor.

Control Is The Issue

By controlling the critical parts of the process through correct buying terms you bypass costly time and money issues, if they don’t need to touch it then they won’t.

Your Product, Your Money

Deal with people you know & trust, the customer service you receive is directly proportioned to the service and information you offer to your clients.

We All Need Help

Envia has the ability to assist you with every step, in the  serious business of International, buying selling and freighting a silly question simply does not exist.

It is very important to understand Envia operates 100% independent of any Freight Forwarder or Customs Broker.

At some stage and only when you are ready, they will work for us.

If you are a first time or new importer or exporter and at any stage have asked yourself the following questions, then you have come to right business for help.

I have a market for this product but how do I find a supplier overseas?

  • I think I have found a supplier for my products, how do I know he is for real and not a scammer?
  • What does C&F mean on my suppliers invoice, how do I know where my goods will end up?
  • My supplier is asking for payment how do I ensure I’m getting what I paid for.
  • We manufacture a great local product but how do I export our products overseas?
  • There are so may freight forwards how do I know who to go with?
  • Who the hell can help me with all this, I’m new and very green?

Envia is dedicated to helping those new importers & exporters lost in the mind field of what is International buying, selling and freighting. Since the global financial crisis China has become a melting pot for scammers and shonky front men ready to take your hard earned money and in doing so crushing any chance you have of being an importing or exporting business success.

Why Envia works

To understand how Envia works you need to understand how a freight forwarder generates revenue. A freight forwarder must rely on a group of clients with a proven track record of consistent importing or exporting. This volume over time allows a forwarder to generate revenue by applying different rates to many shipments, this volume also allow for a competitive costing scenario.

However if you have just a one off import or export or you are a very small volume importer or exporter say just a few shipments per year a freight forwarder will see this as a single opportunity to make as much revenue as they can knowing they will never see you again. Also unless you can convince a freight forwarder your shipment is very close to moving his time towards your project will be very limited because their time towards a shipment not moving is for them a waste of time.

1ST Envia will give your shipment the professional time it deserves, 2ND Envia will apply rates based on its volume not just your volume alone which it offers to a specially selected group of freight forwarding companies. Envia is treated like it’s a larger volume importer by the forwarders; this is then passed to your one off project or small business saving you time, eliminating frustration and saving you up to 25% on your landed cost if you were to approach a freight forwarder yourself.

Envia Founder – Matt Stevens

Envia’s Business Owner Matt Stevens has over 30 years of high level logistical experience due to his long term employment with one of the country’s leading freight forwarding companies who have over 45 years of operation servicing some of the largest and most complex companies in Australia. In his time Matt’s level of management has included all facets of international business including the setting up of overseas agencies, domestic and International customer service systems, supplier negotiation and heading international project management.

Matt has also account managed some of Australian’s premier importing & exporting businesses. This diverse international business experience has him well placed regardless of where your idea or business is at. Matt has seen and been part of great ideas that become a single sample shipment which have turned into importing & exporting empires. However he also seen many good ideas fail from the simplest of mistakes through ignorance.

Matt has many years experience to call upon and a worldwide agency system which covers every corner of the globe.