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Importing Into Australia – 5 things you need to know

Importing into Australia Importing into Australia can be daunting but you are not alone! Lots of new importers worry that they may have forgotten to do something. In this article we list the key 5 things you need to know when importing goods into Australia....

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Can Freight Forwarders Survive an App Attack?

Can Freight Forwarders Survive an App Attack? With rumors that Uber and Amazon may be about to launch their own global freight brokerage businesses, traditional forwarders and brokers are understandably nervous. But the British International Freight Association (BIFA)...

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Amazon Files Patent To Parachute Packages

Drone deliveries may soon be a possibility Amazon teased consumers with drone delivery during a 2017 Super Bowl commercial, though the ad bore a disclaimer: "Prime Air is not available in some states (or any really). Yet." Back in December 2016, Amazon...

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