Importers & Exporters Handbook


The Envia Importers Exporters Handbook has been designed specifically to assist those small to medium sized businesses looking to improve their supply chain or staff knowledge towards international buying, selling and freighting.



Importers Exporters Handbook

Download the Envia importers exporters handbook to learn and understand the glossary of terms used within the shipping and freighting industry when shipping goods into Australia.


  • New importers & exporters guide. P3-5
  • INCO terms or international buying & selling terms. P6-9
  • China supplier negotiations. P10-11
  • Common terms used in the import & export process. P12-13
  • Australian customs charges. P14
  • Overseas & offshore treatments & providers list. P15-16
  • Envia freight analysis. P17-18
  • Accounts & transport terms. P19-20
  • Things to consider when working on indicative costings. P21
  • How airfreight is cubed out on both import & export. P22
  • Summary when considering costing your product. P23.