One Off Support Package


  • Envia’s New Importers & Exporters Handbook
  • 1 month of unlimited advice for your importing project via phone and email
  • Unlimited Quotes within the 1 month period
  • Market comparison & Freight Forwarder Introduction within the 1 months period


Envia One Off Support Package

Envia’s One Off Support Package provides 1.5 hours of telephone support specific to your importing / exporting requirements plus one weeks email support making this ideal for those seeking affordable, professional importing and exporting advice.

Telephone consultation

At your designated time, Envia will call you to discuss any notes requiring clarification from the Envia handbook, or just to discuss what stage you are up to with your importing / exporting requirements. You can discuss any concern you have with us regardless of where your project is at, your next move could be the make or break.

Envia quote and cost summary

Costs to expect with your import or export and your understanding towards them. Envia will send you comprehensive costings in an Excel spread sheet which will separate any overseas & freight charges, port or airport charges, customs clearance and delivery charges without you needing to engage a pushy or non responsive freight forwarder.

Envia market comparison & Introduction

Let Envia take your business to the freight forwarders for costing comparisons. With over 30 years importing experience Envia knows what type & size of forwarder would best suit your needs. When it comes time to engage a freight forwarder let Envia introduce you to a reputable and highly rated logistics company. Envia will consider way more than just the bottom line of each forwarder’s quote. Overseas Networks, ocean and air freight rate buying power will be considered. Have they got in-house customs brokers? Do they run their own fleet of trucks? Have they got tracking systems and what about their level of customer service? Let Envia do all this for you.