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3PL Third Party Logistics Planning – Tailored 3PL appraisals & supply chain management solutions for your companies international importing & exporting requirements.

Bigger Business Audit / Consultancy

Your business appraisal can be as simple as Envia’s (Handbook for new Importers & Exporters) or a one on one with an Envia professional with a white board or a phone call based on your understanding of the Handbook. should you be a larger import or export business our consultancy services can also include on site for full or part analysis of all shipping documentation, buying terms and buyer/seller relationships. Focus will also be placed on elements such as local and overseas agents, current rates,transit times to ensure your company is receiving the best possible rates and levels of customer service for your business needs as these are a reflection of the supply chain as a whole;.

Time will also be dedicated to looking at your 3PL systems management and inventory flow , are your customers really happy? If not, why not? Critical analysis of the competency of your supply chain can determine where bottlenecks are occurring within your own operation. Envia can also do an assessment of your staff’s knowledge and competency, where a master class 101 in international buying and selling may compliment your staff’s knowledge and the power within.

Global markets demand that companies introduce and deliver new products and services at a faster rate then ever before – and at lower costs. Competitive pressures are forcing companies to re-think their current purchasing methods, as they recognize that these processes could be made more efficient. Some of these inefficiencies can be directly related back to the supplier and this is where the importance of supplier & buying management comes into play.

The goal of Envia’s audit of your supplier network (relationships and operating procedures) will be to streamline and make more effective the processes between your companies.

By working closely with this aspect of the supply chain, and building the appropriate supplier relationships – then properly managing them can bring many benefits, including more streamlined operations including vital information flow, reduced costs and improved time-to-market windows.

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